NEW: Black ProGen LIVE! Season 6

Black ProGen LIVE is an amazing group of professional genealogists who research and document the lives of POC stateside and beyond.  Together, we bring a lot to the table.

What’s New: alongside Black ProGen Live are #CREWChat–  chats on film on Twitter with an eye on research & History Unscripted– topical looks at contemporary news & issues that can shape our family histories and genealogical perspectives.

Check out this month’s upcoming shows and the full 2020 season below! Panelists & special guests have wide-ranging discussions that help decolonize the field and open needed conversations. Also,  February is Black History Month and BPG has got you– we have a program each week! 

Get to know the videos, presentations, blogs, books, articles, and art produced by our members, watch the programs live (or video) on the YouTube channel!

Set reminders so you don’t miss an episode here: