Luddy Fernandez Babilonia (1935-30 Aug 2021)

In remembrance

Luddy Fernandez Babilonia
Earliest foto of Luddy Fernandez.

My mother has made the transition, completing her life on earth. She was 85 years old, almost making it to her 86th; if she had lived just a little longer, she would have welcomed another great-grandchild into the world. Losing her is devastating, and comfort that her suffering has ended. She was my connection to Puerto Rico, madre, madre tierra. She brought me and my siblings into the world, a feat that leaves me in awe of mothers everywhere. It was she who taught me to read by the time I was 3, yet she herself had little schooling, only making it to 4th or 5th grade, and few days in the classroom. She felt the loss of her mother profoundly at age 6, she and her siblings placed with relatives; she then lost her father at age 13. With the money from a settlement that came after being hit by a car, she was sent to New York City. She was part of the post-war diaspora out of Puerto Rico, people streaming to cities for factory work, encouraged by recruiters or family to find opportunities. Her siblings, Alex, Fredy and Maria preceded her arrival, and their lives intertwined against the backdrop of NYC and her 60 year marriage to my father. We are bereft and in grief at her passing, and we send her love, across time and space. Seneko kakona, QEPD

Funeral Details for Luddy Fernandez Babilonia

Merritt Funeral Home

Tuesday, 7 September 
Visitation, 10:30am to 11:30am
Chapel service, 11:30am

Merritt Funeral Home : 4095 Mariner Blvd, Spring Hill Chapel  (352)686-6649

Interment at Florida National Cemetery at 1:30pm 
Florida National Cemetery: 6502 SW 102nd Ave, Bushnell, FL 33513

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16 Replies to “Luddy Fernandez Babilonia (1935-30 Aug 2021)”

    1. The sadness & loss you feel now will be softened thru memories and time. She will always be with you in all you say & do. A mother’s love never dies.

  1. Our family shares in your loss Ellen. We are saddened to hear of the passing of your mother. Her life will always be a part of you and her spirit will always live on and be with you. Cherish all those precious moments you shared and know she is always here protecting you.

  2. I am so sorry to read this Ellen. She is no longer suffering and may she rest in peace. My condolences to you and your family as any loss is hard to deal with but a losing a mother is different. Virtual hugs to you.

  3. Gracias por mandarme estos datos y la foto. Mi mamá me dijo que Luddy era muy bonita, así lo confirma la foto. Siento no haberla conocido en persona. Me alegro que pudiste estar cerca de ella en sus últimos años.
    Que Dios los bendiga a todos!

  4. Ellen, my dear old friend; losing a mother is one of the most difficult passages we can experience after a life intertwined, complex, and emotional. Sending my deepest condolences and love at this sad time.

  5. Our deepest condolences to you on the loss of your mother. May she rest in eternal peace. Sincerely,
    Gia Reid Rogers and Family

  6. My sincerest condolences Ellen, Orlando and family. She will be missed. I still remember that beautiful smile of hers. My auntie is now with her brothers and husband. QEPD.

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